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What is Jive?

It is sometimes tough to explain the Jive Software platform to customers and prospects, as well as to those folks you meet in social scenarios.

“It’s an Intranet, but not the kind of Intranet you’re used to.” “It’s a community, but one that effectively supports much more than social interactions.” etc. The solution is so powerful and can fulfil so many disparate use cases that it is difficult to articulate the benefits and potential reach in an easy to follow way.

That’s why Jive Software has commissioned this new video to more effectively explain at a very high level what Jive does, the audiences it serves and to get a quick peek into the beautiful user experience. The video acts as an easy-to-consume guide to how Jive services both internal and external communities, the solution’s versatility and ease of use.

What is Jive? screenshotThere is also a new dedicated What is Jive? page that wraps the video with resources and links, plus a full transcript of the video.

I’m impressed with the video itself. The production values are extremely high, it shows the product (something I’ve always felt that software marketing videos have to do), and outlines some very effectively use cases for the solution whether deployed as an intranet or as an external community.

Over the next few months, I will be looking to be utilise it on a regular basis as an introduction video in workshops, training sessions and product demonstrations.

So if you have colleagues asking that question, ‘What is Jive?’, point them over to this new page at

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