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Want to maximise employee engagement with an interactive HR Hub?

I really like this new Jive video on how fragmentation is affecting Human Resources (HR) within organisations, and how an interactive intranet like Jive-n can enable new ways of working that conquer so many of the issues that challenge this business function.  The video features Jive’s own Caitlin Austin, and puts across the challenges and solutions in an amusing and engaging way:

If you’re a human resources professional, you may have noticed that the traditional tools of the trade don’t fire up the employee base like they used to (if they ever did). Email blasts, static intranets, break-room posters and other one-way channels are just too easy to ignore, don’t give people a way to engage, ask questions and share their thoughts – and don’t give you any way to know if your message is getting through. And that’s a growing problem for HR departments trying to unite, align and motivate today’s increasingly fragmented workforce.

That’s where Jive’s Interactive Intranet comes in. It’s a complete hub for HR collaboration, communications and employee support: one place to quickly create and publish compelling content that people eagerly consume, to spark real dialog that gets everyone on board, and to get the metrics you need to measure your impact and improve your HR efforts. It makes work a lot easier for HR, and better for everyone in the company.

If you’re deploying Jive to your organisation right now (or considering it), this video is a fantastic way of demonstrating to HR (who can sometimes be one of the toughest business functions with which to engage) the possibilities of utilising an internal community to develop an HR Hub that can revolutionise HR use cases.

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