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Thomson Reuters: Jive is the Hub for 60,000 Employees

For tens of thousands of employees in over 100 countries, Jive is the hub of connection, communication and collaboration.

VP of Communications Platforms Tim Wike describes how Thomson Reuters replaced dozens of disjointed systems with a single Jive-powered system for company communications, collaboration and employee engagement.

Adoption quickly hit 100 percent of the company’s global workforce. Today “it’s the place where everybody goes to find each other, work with each other and the way we communicate to all of our employees.”

Super case study video featuring Tim Wike of Thomson Reuters, detailing how their Jive community (known as the Hub) reached 100% adoption in less than 3 months, and how they still average 98% adoption 4 years on in their community journey.

This is one of the standout lines from the video for me:

Whether you’re looking for somebody or something, or a piece of content, everybody now goes immediately to the Hub.

That’s the key tipping point for all corporate ESNs – to get to the point where the community is the go-to place for all internal collaboration – not email, not an old-style intranet, but to the one community where people and content lives.


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