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The things you learn from customers – keyboard shortcuts in Jive!

It’s amazing how often we consultant folks learn hidden or (at least obscured) product features and techniques from our customers – it happens all the time in workshops and training sessions.

However, one of the most useful and simple tips I’ve ever been shown came up in a JiveWorks discussion overnight…

Jive has a couple of important keyboard shortcuts enabled across the product:

  1. Press ‘s’ to pull up the search popup:

    This not only pops open the spotlight search, but also puts the cursor in the search field with focus so that the user can just carry on and type their query.I may be the last person to discover this (!), but I know that for me, this will be a massive win in terms of time saved, and RSI-inducing switches from keyboard to mouse/trackpad.

  2. This tip made me go looking for other shortcuts, and sadly I’ve only found one other so far…Press ‘c’ to get the Create menu:

    Again, focus goes straight to the menu, allowing cursor keys to be used to select the content type or place type. Even better, the keyboard continues to be useful, allowing selection of the type you need. So ‘c’ then ‘d’ then enter gets you a new discussion. Hit ‘d’ again to get Document etc.

Both ‘s’ and ‘c’ will only work when the user is not in edit mode, which does make sense… They work on Jive 8, 9 and Cloud.

I wasn’t aware of either of these shortcuts, and I’m convinced that 99% of users I’ve ever spoken to aren’t either.

Personally having seen the effectiveness of these shortcuts, I’d love to have ‘u’ for the User menu, and even ‘i’ to go straight to my inbox. Any other ideas?

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