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The state of social collaboration in the digital workplace

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‘s EMEA VP of Sales, Simon Lappin, puts the case for both chat-based (Slack, HipChat etc. and document-centric collaboration (Office 365, Sharepoint etc.) falling short, and for the necessity for a ‘third way’:

simon-lappinRather than forcing workers into a single stack or letting them loose to wander the Wild West of message threads, there is a third solution that combines the advantages of document-centric and chat-based approaches while erasing many of their downsides.

By placing an interactive intranet at the centre of your collaborative universe, companies can create an activity hub that seamlessly integrates with many of the other tools and solutions they are already using (or planning to use), including Office 365, SharePoint, Salesforce, G Suite, WebEx and more.

While document-centric solutions can exclude people and lead to low adoption, and the conversational approach often results in too much noise and not enough signal, the hub approach solves the massive fragmentation problems that exist today, bringing all of those tools – and the people using them – into the fold.

The perfect enterprise collaboration nirvana may still be down the road, but the technology exists today to get closer than ever.

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