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US Department of Veterans Affairs

The Department of Veterans Affairs chooses Jive Software

A really interesting win for Jive at the Department of Veteran Affairs:

For federal agencies looking for a modern, social solution to connect employees, spark engagement and better serve the public, the VA Pulse program might be the model for the future. Developed by Jive Software, the centralized, online platform provides VA employees access to resources and expertise of fellow staff in a user-friendly manner. The platform allows employees to share important resources, get answers to care- and process- related questions and connect with VA employees nationwide.

VA Pulse was designed to allow for connection, collaboration, idea sharing, and innovation and ultimately uphold the standard of excellence at the point of care.

This article at Federal News Radio extensively quotes Jive’s Jim Kovach (who is also a veteran) discussing the scope of the solution, why the agency chose Jive and how the VA staff will benefit from increased collaboration and information sharing.

I particularly liked this paragraph:

“Very simply, organizations with better connected and aligned employees perform better,” Kovach continued. “Employees who are engaged with their work and each other deliver higher quality work for their organization and their customers. If a doctor or nurse in Alabama can discover new or innovative methods of patient care from a VA staff member in California that they wouldn’t have known existed, then that translates directly into improving the VA’s overall mission of patient care.”

That’s what it’s all about, right? Not technology for technology’s sake, but providing a platform that enables an organisation and its employees to do what they do better.

However, the entire article deserves a read if you’re interested in how Jive Software can make a powerful contribution to a non-profit or governmental agency.

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