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Jive-n interactive intranet

So what exactly is an ‘Interactive Intranet’?

Since Jive Software started the shift from framing Jive-n as a social business or collaboration platform to an ‘interactive intranet‘, the question has come up numerous times as to what this term really means. E.g.

  • In what way do traditional intranets fall down in terms of interactivity?
  • Why are straightforward social networks not enough in terms of corporate communications and team collaboration?
  • How do communication tools like Slack and Hipchat fall down when it comes to decision making and corporate knowledge sharing?

This new video from Jive goes some way to explaining why existing tools fall down, and what makes an interactive intranet so powerful:

As the video makes clear, successfully deploying a Jive-n interactive intranet can result in incredible results, including:

  • 15% increase in productivity
  • 24% less staff turnover
  • 38% higher job satisfaction

Is it time your organisation replaced your stale intranet and kitbag of disconnected communication and productivity tools?

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