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San Manuel Band of Mission Indians Hits the Jackpot

Announced back in late June, one of the most unusual Jive customer references of recent years is that of the San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino.

Amongst the largest private employers in the Inland Empire region of Southern California, the organisation has some 4,000 employees and has seen its business model shift and its workforce expand over the past 30 years in order to deliver new gaming experiences to its customers. As you might expect, this growth lead to the need to develop new means of keeping employees current with the vision of leadership. As a result, the organisation went in search of a solution to “heighten employee engagement, improve tribal operations and promote the collaborative culture of the tribe.”

“We chose Jive to replace our static intranet because we knew it could transform the way we do business through a powerful digital hub. Especially valuable are Jive’s capabilities for permissions-based collaboration spaces and groups, document management and intelligent enterprise search.”

The San Manuel Band of Mission Indians is currently rolling out its new interactive intranet to key departments, with a goal of reaching company-wide participation by the end of this year. Underpinned by Jive in the cloud, Fusion will facilitate executive communications, project collaboration and employee on-boarding, while preserving corporate memory. Within this mobile-enabled digital hub, executives can now interact with all levels of the organization via authentic, personal blogs, and employees gain one central place to connect, communicate and collaborate, as well as find knowledge and experts more easily. In addition, the tribe’s business committee and executive teams can use Fusion to streamline the way they work. As a result, the organization is converting all employees’ passion for the tribe into greater productivity, accountability and engagement.

Named “Fusion,” the new Jive-n based digital workplace underpins a cultural transformation aimed at fostering more collaboration and connections throughout the tribe.

Fusion is based on the Jive Cloud platform and is using the News feature as the community landing page, as can be seen in the screenshot below:

Jive’s Bob Block welcomed the announcement:

“It is always inspiring to observe how an interactive intranet can reflect and honor an organization’s core mission—in this case helping to ensure the sovereignty of a resourceful indigenous people,” said Robert Block, chief customer success officer at Jive Software. “Jive will deliver clear value by helping everyone in the tribe work smarter and better together through the re-use of corporate knowledge and the elimination of silos.

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