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People - the missing ingredient for digital transformation IPDF

People – the missing ingredient for digital transformation

I’m really impressed by this new white paper from Jive, taking the form of a really engaging interactive PDF:

People - the missing ingredient for digital transformation IPDFDigital transformation is reshaping the way we live and work, how we buy products and services, what we expect from our daily interactions with friends and colleagues. Businesses are experiencing massive disruption as they respond and attempt to capitalize on the on-going changes.

Digital transformation is more far-reaching than just technology. If we look at how the digital market is evolving, it is very clear that people are a constant and at the heart of digital evolution. Harnessing
 the collective intelligence of employees, partners and customers is 
a critical success factor for digital transformation.

This interactive PDF guides you through what digital transformation is, the imperative to transform and how people are the missing link. It reveals initiatives and activities that push the business towards digital maturity and ten areas for you to focus on. It takes you through the key stages of digital maturity, establishing a ‘digital-first’ mindset for your employees and new ways of working internally, before building on this to transform how you work with suppliers, customers and beyond.

The publication runs to 33 pages, and does a great job of defining Digital Transformation and what it means to become a Digital Enterprise, and then goes on to lay out Jive’s belief that success lies at putting people at the centre of all transformation initiatives.

Once all the key areas of focus have been laid out, the document concludes with the Digital Maturity Roadmap, something that was known as ‘the rainbow  slides’ inside Jive – you’ll soon see why. I think these pages (from 25 to 28) are the strongest section of the publication, detailing with how an organisation can mature in terms of digital transformation through four stages:

  1. Digital Workspace – enabling employees to connect, communicate and collaborate across lines of business and geographies
    Jive Digital Maturity - stage 1 - Digital Workspace
  2. Supply Network – extending benefits of improved collaboration (including planning, decisions and actions) to suppliers and partners
    Jive Digital Maturity - stage 2 - supply network
  3. Customer Experience – winning and retaining customers through improved engagement, marketing, care and support
    Jive Digital Maturity - stage 3 customer experience
  4. Connected Business – once a truly digital culture has been embraced by the organisation, it will be ready to for any new opportunities to reach out and innovate with the wide ecosystem
    Jive Digital Maturity - stage 4 connected business

Lastly, the document concludes with a vision statement on how Jive Software supports digital transformation as a whole. Whilst straightforward, I really like these paragraphs:

Jive & Digital TransformationJive enables vertical communication as well as horizontal, creating a closer connection between the C-Suite and those teams on the frontline. It also provides a platform for cross- functional business collaboration. Internally, this is positive for morale, culture and productivity.

People need to feel part of the team, in touch with what the company is doing, and empowered in their role.

Jive also drives the extension of collaboration ows beyond the traditional corporate boundaries. This is vital in order to achieve a dynamic, knowledge-based and globally networked business ecosystem that fosters collaboration, relationship building, co-creation, participation and sharing.

All in all, I think it’s a really engaging and helpful document that can be shared with leaders in any organisation, and will really help to push the conversation a little further forward. Obviously, it is marketing publication and therefore drives Jive’s own agenda, but with that understood, it could be very useful indeed.  Nice work!

Download the PDF direct from Jive, and open in Adobe Acrobat Reader if possible so that you get the full benefit of the interactive features.

(Bonus marks to Jive for not putting this behind a registration wall as so many other vendors do…)

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