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Jive 7 Screenshot

Now available: Jive Custom 7 and JiveX Custom 7

Big news over the past 24 hours:

Jive Custom 7 and JiveX Custom 7 are now available!

Jive Custom 7 is our biggest version release to date! It includes new profiles, search and analytics capabilities to modernize your intranet or portal, as well as collaboration features to increase the pace at which work gets done. New developer tools let IT teams increase and extend the Jive platform, and brand new universal iOS mobile app unites today’s digital workplace.

Want to get started on your upgrade?

  • On premise customers: the software is available from My Account > Purchases. A new 7.0 license is required. Create a Support ticket to request the license.
  • Jive Hosted customers: create a Support ticket to start the process of upgrading.
  • Jive Cloud customers: you’ve already got it!

Jive 7 Screenshot

The list of highlights in the new release is both extensive and impressive – here are the major bullet-points of that list:

  • New Metrics for Communications & Content
  • Improved Expertise Location
  • New “Get Work Done” Capabilities
  • New Mobile Experience
  • New Integrations

I would pick out the following as my key enhancements:

  • Jive 7 AnalyticsA significant improvement to metrics and analytics.  This is an area that other Social Business vendors have been putting significant investment into (not least IBM Connections with its integrated Cognos metrics engine), and its good to see Jive catching up and in some areas going a long way ahead.  Whilst there will undoubtedly be some privacy concerns expressed in certain organisations and geographies, I love the idea of not only seeing who has viewed ones blog posts and documents, but also who has referred them to others. These new Impact Metrics are also be viewable by department, ‘turning metrics into a powerful tool to drive engagement and influence company-wide’.  There is also a new Analytics model that is ‘configurable for each company’s goals and objectives’, this allowing a more granular overview of user productivity.  There are three in-built use cases for the new analytics – On Boarding, Organizational Intelligence, and Strategic Alignment.  Whilst the devil is detail in terms of the value of this data and intelligence, with every Social Business project that I am involved in, it is this kind of level of insight that is typically demanded by project owners and community managers alike.  It is impressive to see Jive coming good on this promise for on-premise customers.
  • Continued focus on the Jive mobile experience, particularly on iOS.  The app has always been impressive in its ease-of-use and content consumption capabilities, but content creation features have lagged behind in a number of areas.  Steps have been taken in this release to correct this functionality gap.  End-users can now ‘create videos, blog posts, documents, discussions, status updates, and direct messages; search for content and expertise; mark content for action, as a decision, as helpful, etc.; interact via their custom streams; and quickly access their own content’, all from their mobile device.  Once again, in some areas this is catch-up, but in others I believe that Jive now has a considerable lead over other Social Business mobile solutions.  We all know that mobile is becoming more important (growing by the day it seems), and this continues to be an area where the public social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc) still have a considerable lead in reach and share over Social Business solutions such as the Jive platform.  However, where this release is strong is in the realm of mobile management and security, with support and certification for both Good Dynamics and Mobile Iron MDM solutions. There is also an improved mobile web experience, with official support for Mobile Safari.
  • Lastly, but probably most importantly from my own perspective, there are now Externally Accessible Groups. Non-Jive members and non-employees can be invited into specific private and secret groups without giving them access to other places or global content like the CEO’s blog and company overview page.  This granular guest-level access allows true cross-organisational collaboration and knowledge-sharing without giving up significant corporate intelligence or personal contact details.  This is an area where typically on-premise options have really lagged behind their cloud-based cousins, and where in some cases Social Business solutions have been inferior to their more traditional team-collaboration alternatives.  However, more often than not, external groups have typically fallen back on email as the lowest common denominator.  Included free of charge in Jive Cloud, this is a paid option for Jive Custom.

As Cloud users will have experienced, Jive 7 is an important release, and I’m excited that it made it to Custom users before the end of 2013.  I can’t wait to see it deployed and for organisations I work with start to experience the many benefits it offers.

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