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Need to run surveys within your Jive community?

This is such a common request for both Jive-n interactive intranets and Jive-x external communities…

The mono-question polls within the Jive platform are fine for quick community decisions and for gauging sentiment around a topic, but how can we run multiple-question surveys in order to gather more context or information?

Some use cases where this might be important are for employee surveys, training and event evaluations, customer support surveys etc.  Running these kinds of surveys inside of your Jive platform is also a fantastic way to draw back inactive or lapsed users into the community whereby they can be alerted to some of the key activities and news since they’ve been gone. The list of possibilities is almost endless…

The good news is that partner and ISV TemboSocial have stepped into the void, with their Polls & Surveys extension for Jive communities.  Here’s a quick demo:

As the video states, TemboSocial’s solution is available for all versions, including Cloud, Hosted and On-Premises versions of Jive-n and Jive-x. It includes functionality that can be used for the full range of polls, surveys, quizzes and forms. The modules are easy to create, can use very interactive branding, imagery and emoticons, and can be surfaced either inline or via popups.

This animation shows some of the neat ways in which the product’s features can be used to gather customer feedback:

TemboSocial Surveys example

I’ve dealt with TemboSocial many times over the years on Jive and other community platforms, and can highly recommend their solutions and services.

If their Polls & Surveys solution could help your community, reach out to them via their site, or reach Steven Green directly.  Tell them I sent you!

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