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JiveX on Mac

JiveX brings customer communities to the cloud

Introduced at JiveWorld 13 today, Jivex is Jive’s new social community and support solution for customer and partner engagement:

Jive Software Inc. today unveiled JiveX — a new cloud version of its industry-leading customer community platform. JiveX offers a mix of popular features like advanced gamification, search and theming, with new features like Facebook and Twitter integration that brings in social conversations into a central connected hub. JiveX also includes CRM and marketing automation system integration that aligns communities to key goals and metrics, enhanced profiles to connect company champions with the broader customer base and new analytics features that propel engagement strategies.


“Using Jive’s external community platform has far exceeded our expectations, helping increase the engagement of our customers and partners by over 200 percent while reducing the time it takes to ramp up support teams,” said Krissy Espindola, director of knowledge management and social support, T-Mobile. “We are excited to see the innovative updates to JiveX on a quarterly basis and the added collaborative and productive benefits Jive will be bring to customer communities.”


Jivex features easy search of the community for fast access to support knowledge, built-in rewards and recognition (I still struggle with ‘gamification’), beautiful user experience, full mobile access, and Facebook and Twitter integration.

Jive’s press release and product page calls out customers including McAfee, Bupa, Eloqua, EMC2, National Instruments and Vistage.  It’s not clear whether these customers have actually been using Jivex prior to general release or whether these are simply existing Jive case studies.

On the design and admin side, Jivex gives the organisation the ability to build custom themes, elements and navigation, to focus search results to specific queries in order to deflect support issues and cases, features powerful analytics and SEO and allows role-based moderation.

This is a powerful solution and is well-targetted at the customer support use-case.  I think Jive are shrewd to break this use-case out from the overall Jive Cloud and Jive Custom solutions, as in my experience there are usually different requirements and business drivers behind the two scenarios (customer support vs internet knowledge sharing and collaboration).  That’s not to say that there is no way to combine the two using existing solutions, but that it may be a shorter route to ROI for both consumer-focused and B2B-focused organisations to embrace this use-case first.  It’s also a use-case that works well as a cloud solution, even in businesses that are very security-conscious.

What do you think?  Is Jivex a good fit for your organisation’s needs?

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