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JiveWorld17: Jive’s release roadmap for 2017 and 2018

In my first post covering JiveWorld 2017, I discussed the three cornerstone features of Jive’s new Collaboration Hub vision. In this post I move onto the release roadmap as shared in the latter part of the opening keynote session.

The Roadmap

Jive’s news

Jive already had a very significant roadmap announced for 2017, with the Jive Cloud shift to AWS planned for the 2017.1 release scheduled for 2H17:

The announcements made in the keynote now add some detail to the roadmap for the remainder of 2017 and into next year.

So 2017 will see the shift to AWS, delivery of many of the new features that together make up the Collaboration Hub vision, and updates for Hosted and On-premise customers.

Most notably, we have a number of the Collaboration Hub features delivered to Jive Cloud customers as part of a 2017.2 release scheduled for 4Q17:

Meanwhile, Jive will use the benefits of the new AWS-based infrastructure to deliver a new Cloud offering specifically for regulated industries:

Then in 2018 we will see the remainder of the Collaboration Hub features delivered (most likely in 2018.1 and 2018.2), plus a new release for Hosted and On-premise customers:


My view

Jive already had a massively significant 2017 planned and announced (at least to customers, partners and analysts). The second half of the year will see all Jive Cloud customers migrate to ‘Jive’s Next-Generation Cloud Platform’ based on Amazon Web Services. This shift from a mostly monolithic infrastructure hosted in co-located Jive data centres to AWS, and then forwards into a new architecture based on micro-services, will enable a dramatic improvement in Jive’s ability to deliver new features and enhancements to their services.

I believe that the roadmap shared above already demonstrates some of the benefits of the new architecture that will be delivered as part of the 2017.1 release, in that many of the new features to be delivered in 2017.2 and beyond are predicated on the AWS infrastructure. Instead of changes being made to Jive’s 15+ years of core code, these new features (Jive Identity, Universal Search etc.) can be built as AWS-based services, and fully integrated into the existing code base with a much lower risk profile and greater rewards for customers.

This roadmap is aggressive for an organisation the size of Jive (assuming that the plans were formalised before the Aurea sale was confirmed), and shows that the pace of innovation and change has not become diminished over the company’s long history of community platform development. In fact, I’d argue the opposite – that the Collaboration Hub vision and the roadmap shared yesterday suggest that Jive are pushing on to create a new generation of solutions and services that seamlessly blend internal and external communities in a way that the industry has not yet experienced.

The challenge for Jive is to now deliver on these radical promises whilst also transitioning to new ownership. One thing’s for sure, the next 12 months will be huge for Jive’s future role in this market…

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