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Corporate Amnesia

Jive’s three technologies core to reducing ‘corporate amnesia’

The trick, as Steele explained, is to turn corporate amnesia into corporate memory – “a huge asset to companies because it’s all of the information, people and expertise that actually get the work done every day” – by making work searchable, visible and memorable.

By understanding how its employees are working, who they’re working with and where data is being stored, a business can significantly improve both the productivity and engagement of its workforce.

Jive Software believes there are three technologies central to this transformation:

  • Machine learning: Involves recommending content and people and delivering “content in context. This is about understanding that if you did this three times yesterday, you’re probably going to do it again tomorrow.”
  • Predictive analytics: Involves analysing and predicting human behaviour and is becoming “central to how we work.” Organisations can use it to gain a better understanding of who is talking to who and how employees are working together.
  • Internet of Things: As more and more devices become internet-connected, understanding how they connect to each other and leveraging the information they provide will be vital.

“We’re moving incredibly fast,” said [Elisa] Steele, so without an effective strategy to deal with the ever-growing mountain of information being collected, businesses risk collapsing under the weight.

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