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Jive Deal Room

Jive Purposeful Places

Jive has taken integration with a social platform to the next level. Now, for the first time, you can add more structure and meaning to ad-hoc collaboration by allowing each place in Jive, i.e. a group or space, to be created with a distinct “purpose”. These specialized places create a more holistic view of a problem domain by easily aggregating Jive content, with information from other systems, including external activity streams. And the best part? It’s all available via an API!

An exciting new integration point surfaces… Jive Purposeful Places.

Let’s take a quick look at around. Below is a screen cap of the “Red Link Mobile Deal Room”. Red Link Mobile is a fictional opportunity that our sales team is working to close. As in most fast paced sales cycles, the account reps need to bring in experts from across the company to for a variety of reasons. For example, Finance may be needed to help answer questions on the RFP, Engineering may need to prepare security documentation around the infrastructure, and Professional Services may need to tailor a work proposal that fits within the budget. In addition, much of the information about the opportunity will sit in other systems of record, e.g SalesForce. To close the deal faster, the account rep has created a “Deal Room” to collaborate across the company and pull all the content and information together in a well structured manner.

Below is an example of what a purposeful place targeted at opportunity management, a.k.a. a “Deal Room” might look like. On the left is an aggregated activity stream that contains information from Jive, SalesForce Chatter, and potentially other feeds as well. However, this isn’t a dump of the entire Chatter feed. The information from Chatter that is in the Deal Room is only for the selected opportunity, Red Link Mobile.

Red Link Mobile Deal Room


I’m really impressed by Jive leading the way on integration points and examples like this.  All too often, enterprise software vendors tend to leave role- or task-based integrations to third parties (in this case Salesforce), so its good to see Jive building both the API framework and a really good demo scenario.  There are many solutions that integrate Chatter, but this one stands out in that it only pulls relevant content from the Salesforce platform into the activity stream.   Jive has also announced Purposeful Place integration with Box at this time.  I am sure that other solutions will follow.

Jive Deal Room

However, for me, perhaps one of the most significant elements to this is that Jive is using GitHub to share the API, code and examples.  The development community using GotHub is growing on an almost exponential basis these days, and I think that taking the API code to where the developers feel most at home is a shrewd move.

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