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Jive News deck

Jive-n/Jive-x News Page – Overview and Examples

A really useful new deck from Jive Business Consultant Troy Gardella:

This presentation provides a high level overview of configuring news streams for your cloud community.  News provides the ability to push relevant and important communications to targeted audiences throughout your community.  News is surfaced on the News page which can be set as your community’s home landing page.  The news page is built on tiles which means it is mobile responsive making this a valuable part of your mobile strategy.

What is News?News is one of the features of Jive that differentiates the solution from similar competitive solutions, offering a targeted set of news streams to employees and community members based on their role within the community, their location or seniority, their job, age or whatever attributes you choose to apply. This allows the Jive community to be used as managed corporate communications platform as well as a place to collaborate and share.  News aggregates content that your organisation wants you to see (push) with information that the user chooses to follow (pull) – thus satisfying far more use cases than almost other collaboration platform can.

Troy’s deck has been shared on the Jive Community within the Internal Communities group, and is available for both preview and download. It includes some good tips on deploying News, as well as some details on how the streams are populated.

If you’re a Jive community manager or platform administrator, then this deck is definitely one to bookmark and refer back to in the future.

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