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Jive launches new advertising push focused on Try Jive-n offer

It’s been increasingly noticeable these past couple of weeks that Jive are running an increasing number of Google Adsense ad campaigns, pushing Jive-n as an interactive intranet solution, and offering a Try Jive-n free trial as the primary call-to-action.

I’m seeing these ads on a wide variety of news and blog sites, with this ‘Shatter silos’ spot appearing on a well-read travel blog¬†this morning:

Jive ‘Shatter silos’ ad (apologies for the low-res, this is how it appeared on screen…)

The ad I saw links to the default ‘Collaboration without complication’ Jive-n product page, which nicely outlines the the interactive intranet value proposition, and neatly pushes the Try Jive-n offer in a number of places.

I’ve long felt that Jive Software needed to do a better job of raising awareness of its solutions in the general non-enterprise software marketplace, particularly in the face of the wide brand recognition of competitors like Salesforce and Microsoft, and the innovative social media marketing of newcomers such as Igloo Software (which offers its product free for up to 10 users, and advertises heavily on tech blogs and podcasts).

Given that social intranets and external communities are no longer niche platforms but are a well-accepted element of digital transformation initiatives and online business in general in 2016, Jive needs to be included in the conversation whenever discussions turn to available solutions in these areas. Sadly over the past few years that hasn’t always been the case, no matter have impressive and capable the product has been in reality.

With the revised go-to-market plan and heightened focus on Jive-n following the organisational realignment back in May, this does seem to be an excellent time for Jive to raise its marketing game, and in particular, to drive new and innovative advertising campaigns.

I’m looking forward to seeing more ads like these, as well as news of significant numbers of additional Try Jive-n sign ups and the subsequent community launches that should follow.

(You can get your own Try Jive-n 30 day trial via this link – there’s no obligation and no requirement to add payment details on sign-up.)

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