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JiveWorks landscape

Jive Community relaunched as JiveWorks

Some big changes over at the Jive Community

An introduction

The JCIf you’re not familiar, the Jive Community (or ‘the JC’ as it has been more informally known) is Jive’s external community designed to allow Jive to share information and collaborate with prospects, customers and partners.

The JC has been online since 2008, and as you might expect, is a tremendous example of how organisations can use external communities to improve customer support, enhance the sales process, speed information dissemination, and to provide an always-on space in which brand advocates can network and share experiences and best practice.

It provides a home for both public and private area, with blog posts and knowledge base articles available to guests and members alike, restricted spaces for contracted customers, and private groups for Jive-customer and Jive-partner collaboration. Finally it is heavily integrated with Jive internal and cloud-based tools, and so as well as enabling peer-to-peer product support, it is also the home for all formal customer support activities with cases being raised, managed and closed on the community.

Jive Software is careful to ensure that the community is kept up to date and on-brand – after all, it is the face of the company to its most critical stakeholders. Being built on the hosted version of the Jive platform (rather than the multi-tenant Jive Cloud), it can be heavily customised as required.

So what’s changed?

Jive Works screenshot

Overnight, the JC has been refreshed and relaunched in one of the biggest updates that I can remember.

JiveWorks logo

Now known as ‘JiveWorks‘, though still available on the same URL, the community has been relaunched in order to provide an improved means to manage both visitors and those that use the community every day, and to onboard new paid customers in a more streamlined way.

Community manager Libby Taylor explained in a blog post last month:

We have an amazing community, however, the amazingness doesn’t always shine through. Navigating the site has become a challenge, the homepage isn’t very dynamic, we haven’t had a good way of onboarding customers versus visitors to the community and the name can cause confusion. The time is right to reset our vision for the community and realign it to our goal to be a showcase customer engagement community.  On the morning of Thursday, November 10, we unveil the new community with a handful of key changes:

  • New community name: JiveWorks.  The name is perfect on many levels:
    • Jive works to bring people together in collaboration, communication and connection.
    • Our community helps customers get work done for their own communities
    • Definition of ‘works’ : effort directed to accomplish something; a place where a specific type of business is carried on
  • New home page. Our new community home page will display vibrant curated community activity and featured thought leadership content. We have also streamlined Q&A with a dynamic ‘ask a question’ widget to get questions posted to the right places.  And with mobile top of mind, we have leveraged our responsive design functionality to ensure you can have a great experience on the community regardless of what machine or device you are using.  In addition, we have a more consistent look-and-feel with Jive’s family of web properties.
  • New navigation menus and updated information architecture. You’ll find new sticky menus at the top of the site and reorganized support pathways as shown in the diagram below. We have also focused on making much more of the community accessible to anyone visiting and limited the amount of content in private spaces.

I definitely welcome the revised name. Whilst ‘the JC’ had become a comfortable home for the wider Jive community (with a lower ‘c’), it never ceased to be confusing to new customers… (Are you in the ‘Community’? Our community? No, not that one, the Jive Community. ‘But isn’t our site a Jive community? etc etc). JiveWorks makes sense, is short and snappy

The new home page look and feel can be seen in the screenshot on the right (click to expand), and it is definitely a more friendly and accessible way to find the most important news and content across the site. Mimicking Jive Cloud’s own News functionality, the look and feel will be familiar to many customers, whilst the curated nature of this landing page will help reduce some of the noise seen on occasion with the native functionality.

The new navigation also makes things much easier for both new and loyal visitors, giving much more of a brand site feel, whilst retaining access for those familiar with the community model:


In addition to the changes listed above, the team have also added a new consolidated events space, extensively refreshed the Jive Customer space to ‘focus on customer-private content and announcements only’ (and thus allow more content to remain public) and to improve their governance processes to streamline the onboarding process amongst other enhancements.

Given that JiveWorks is Jive Software’s most visible reference site, is open to all customers and partners (as well as most content being available to non-members), and acts as the support hub for Jive’s paying clients, there is obviously much attention given to how the community looks and operates.

These changes not only bring the site up to date, but also look to take the already award-winning community even further ahead of those operated by Jive’s competitors.  Kudos to Libby and all the team.


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