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Jive chimes in with its response to Slack & WhatsApp – mobile messaging for the enterprise

Jive Chime

As a big fan of the group persistent chat functionality that the Slack platform offers (as well as its competitors in Hall, Flowdock, Hipchat etc.), I’m truly delighted at this move from Jive Software.

The upcoming Jive Chime platform offers:

Messaging for Work
No matter the location, Chime helps you reach the right people at the right time. With mobile 1-1 and group messaging, you won’t have to wait around for responses, piece together fragmented conversations, or be tied to your desk.

Your Company in Your Pocket
Enjoy instant access to co-workers without having to share contact information, waste time tracking people down, or have personal and professional conversations mixed in the same app.

Seamless Access
With Chime for iOS, Android, desktop and web, you’ll have all your conversations and contacts accessible anywhere, on any device.

Your WorkStyle
Customize notifications to stay in the loop without being bombarded by alerts, create and name contact groups, see when messages are read, share content in-line & much more.

Jive Chime iconJive’s integrated IM and presence awareness is already ahead of the majority of its peers, but the shift into full mobile messaging is a big step forward.  Many of my customers have significant pockets of either Slack or WhatsApp/Skype/iMessage usage, and so finding a means to consolidate and integrate this type of communication with their ESN will be a huge step forward.

Jive Chime has been invite-only beta since it was announced at JiveWorld in October 2014, so whilst you can download the iOS app from the App Store, it is impossible to create an ID or to use the app unless already added to the platform.  I hope we’ll be hearing news of public availability in the next couple of months (it is promised for 1Q15).


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