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Jive and Office 365: Document Collaboration

When speaking to organisations that are looking to improve employee productivity and collaboration, it’s common to hear “we’re a Microsoft shop, we use Office 365…” or “we don’t need a collaboration platform, we use all the productivity features of Office 365…”.

There’s no doubt that Office 365 is the dominant productivity suite of the day. Competitors on the desktop such as Smartsuite, Symphony, LibreOffice and Apple iWork have fallen away, whilst cloud-based collaborative editing platforms like Google Suite and IBM Docs have captured a niche minority share but have never truly looked like displacing Word, Excel and PowerPoint as the dominant editors of choice in the enterprise.

However, what is also clear is that Microsoft’s many attempts at providing a unified, collaborative workspace for teams, business units and entire organisations haven’t delivered either. SharePoint, Yammer, Office Groups and most recently Teams have all taken a bite at the cherry, but so often just succeed in creating additional silos of conversation or document sharing, rather than making individuals more productive, the business more innovative or the culture more collaborative.

That’s where Jive can help, even if Office 365 is already widely deployed and used:

Jive’s integration with Office 365 greatly improves document collaboration and employee productivity. By offering a unified place to work, Jive makes it easier for people across different offices and timezones to create, edit, manage and give feedback across multiple applications.

In this video, you’ll see how document collaboration works in Office 365 on its own, and then see how it works when O365 is integrated into Jive. Jive integrates seamlessly with Office 365 to allow fluid feedback and editing. Content can be updated and commented on from anywhere, and everything synchronizes automatically—and in real-time. And when employees can discover everything from a single search box, you can improve work efficiency and productivity and boost job satisfaction.

Is it time you looked at how you could revolutionise your organisation’s use of Office 365?

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