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Jive Fall 2014 Screenshot

Jive and JiveX Fall 2014 releases ship

It’s always a red-letter day when Jive Software ships its latest quarterly update, thus making the latest features and enhancements available to thousands of customers around the world.

Yesterday was no exception, as the Fall 2014 release was deployed. Here are the key enhancements to Jive:

  • Bridging more silos in the enterprise with the new Jive Connector for Google Docs, as well as Jive Connectors for Outlook Online, SharePoint Online and Office Online (the first delivery milestone in our Office 365 integration). The Google Docs integration is the latest addition to our rich suite of connectors for Google apps – including Google Drive, Google Groups and GMail – that were announced earlier in 2014.
  • Better supporting employees’ varied workstyles with enhanced mobile apps for both iOS and Android, along with refinements to our responsive web experience through the addition of mobile home pages. We’re also adding a bevy of new tiles such as “Ask a Question.” This continues our evolution from widgets to tiles with the goal of modernizing Jive for both ease of integration (supporting Jive as a central collaboration and communication hub) and device-friendly consumption (supporting the need to work flexibly from any device).

and Jivex:

  • Increasing customer and partner engagement with a variety of new features, including a top trending activity page and Role Badges that highlight community administrators, moderators, experts and champions. We are also taking our “structured outcomes” feature to the next level, allowing community admins to configure the choice of outcomes to fit their specific business needs.
  • Delivering deeper insights to improve user experience with an advanced Q&A workflow, new ‘Most Helpful’ content ratings and ROI analytics that provide hard data on how well your community is performing.
  • Strengthening brand affinity through enhanced theming tools and simplified, accelerated brand asset management that improves the browsing experience.

The full release notes are available, however the most detailed list of new features and enhancements is available on the community blog. In particular, this set of  “Deep Dives” developed by the product management team are fantastic, including screenshots and additional details on key features in the release:

It’s well worth reading these through in full. There’s so much great content. This snippet from the Design Evolution Deep Dive caught my eye:

In order to really help lighten the visual (and data) load of the application, one of the things we did over the past few months is to redesign the icons. Our previous icon set was created over four years ago and matched the style of the application at the time: gradients, shadows, bevels, and complexity.

To match our new, more modern visual style of the UI, we’ve followed that up with our icons.


By simplifying the icons, as well as moving many from our sprite sheets to an icon font, we cut the amount of data downloaded in half. And while minor, every little bit helps when it comes to overall speed and performance!

So, improvements are delivered in terms of look and feel, alongside a 50% decrease in download size. Great stuff!

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