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Infographic: Six ways fragmentation is slowing us down

A helpful new infographic from Jive Software UK. You may find it useful when explaining the reasons why traditional intranets usually fail, why a new two-way conversation is necessary, one that engages all employees – even before they join your organisation:

According to a Gallop Survey only 13% of employees worldwide feel engaged at work and only 17% believe their employer effectively communicates with them.

A major contributor to these alarming figures are the tools we use to communicate, share information and collaborate, everything has become fragmented. We email and expect it to be opened and actioned by the right people, we post and expect it to be delivered and read, yet we offer no method to collectively share, comment or respond.

Fragmentation does not just hamper corporate communication, it slows down the whole business – take a look at this infographic to understand the signs:

Jive 6 ways fragmentation is slowing us down infographic

(A high-res version of the infographic is available in PDF format directly from Jive.)

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