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Infographic: No customer community? You are falling behind!

Here’s a new infographic from the marketing folks at Jive Software, this time taking a fresh look at the power of the customer community (e.g. those based on the Jive-x platform):

Wallet, profitability, revenue, and relationship growth. These are all reasons why branded customer communities are utilised by leading brands to transform their customers into advocates.

This infographic rounds up research from top sources including Gallup, Harvard Business Review, Accenture, and more to show you in one page how consumer choice behaviour, millennial preferences, and user-generated content inform customers’ relationships with brands.

Jive infographic - No customer community? You are falling behind!

The stat that really jumps out at me is ‘64% of Millennials feel companies should give them more ways to share opinions online in the future—and they’ll continue to participate.’ Whilst participation on open social media is clearly an important part of responding to this demand, having a positive and ongoing dialog with the brand and other customers is so much more valuable when conducted in an environment where conversation and discussion are encouraged and supported.

The infographic is also available as a downloadable PDF.

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