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Love Starbucks

Community Managers – have a Starbucks on Jive!

I talk about Rewards and Recognition a lot when discussing driving adoption of social platforms (I try to avoid the G-word), and one of the aspects that is always most effective is to offer small but valuable rewards to those that most effectively demonstrate the value of the network or community.

It’s good to see Jive actively using this model to engage Community Managers on the Jive Community:

Love StarbucksJive Community managers, you’ve poured your heart and soul into helping transform the way your company connects, collaborates, and communicates. Sometimes this transformation is focused on customers, sometimes its focused on partners, sometimes on employees, and for the truly heroic social and digital strategist it’s all three.

As a small token of appreciation for all this hard work, we want you to go to Starbucks, on Jive! But of course, this community stuff is about SOCIAL and SHARING right!!

Community Manager Appreciation DaySo all you need to do to get a $10 Starbucks gift card is make a post in this group on or before January 26, Community Manager Appreciation Day.

To take part, we’re being asked to share a screenshot of our community, plus a quote or note from one of the community members identifying a positive outcome that has resulted from activity that has taken place in the community.

There are some caveats, including a statement that Jive may use your screenshot on its own website or via social media channels. However these seem reasonable given the reward involved.

So, if you’d like to highlight the success of your own Jive community simply head over and read the instructions and then post your screenshot and quote – this can be for either  external or internal communities.


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