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Celebrating Brewspace: Jive Software’s own Interactive Intranet

Brewspace logoGiven the acquisition that was announced last week, and therefore the possible changes that will take place inside the merged Aurea/Jive Software business in the near future, it’s probably an appropriate time to pause and to celebrate the amazing community platform that is Brewspace.

Brewspace is Jive’s own internal instance of Jive-n, where all Jivers can connect, communicate, and collaborate:

(Hat tip to Kosheno Moore and the team at Jive for such a well-produced overview video.)

Over the years I’ve been consulting on employee collaboration I’ve worked with dozens of intranets, enterprise social networks and internal communities, and I’ve truly never experienced anything like Brewspace!

It is constantly and vibrantly active, core to everything the organisation does, a hotbed of discussion and open sharing (even on the more crunchy topics), and is the only place where all company information and news is shared.

When an organisation truly commits to social collaboration, wholly turns away from email (unless it’s confidential or requires a meeting invite), and works to build a culture that emphasises openness and the importance of working out loud, this enables the potential for creating a place that becomes vital for both the operation of the business and the community of the employees that work there.  That’s what Brewspace is to Jivers – an efficient collaboration platform that runs the business, but also the most passionate, opinionated and supportive community of friends and colleagues one could imagine.

Yes, of course it helps that Jive is ‘drinking its own champagne’ (i.e. using its own product internally), but honestly, the same result could be affected in any organisation if a social collaboration platform is effectively deployed, usage is made mandatory, email is deprecated, and the leadership and corporate culture emphasise collaboration, discussion and authenticity.

Ragan Intranet logoBrewspace was a deserved finalist and ‘honourable mention’ in the Ragan Best Overall Intranet award last year.

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