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Benchmarking Jive Communities 2016

Benchmarking Jive Communities 2016 – A State of Community Management Special Report

News of a valuable new resource for Jive specialists, a special version of the Community Roundtable ‘State of Community Management’ report focused purely on Jive Software-based environments:

Benchmarking Jive Communities 2016Last year for JiveWorld, The Community Roundtable put together a compilation of community management benchmarking data with a specific focus on Jive communities that completed The State of Community Management (SOCM) 2015 survey.

It was well-received, so this year, we are repeating the effort, with updated data from the The State of Community Management 2016. Not surprisingly, much of the data did not shift radically. Management practices take time to change in any scenario. But each year, the focus of the SOCM shifts – so too, do the areas explored in this eBook. The theme, however, still centers on the eight key competencies of TheCR’s Community Maturity Model:

Community Roundtable Maturity Model

The report runs for 28 pages, and includes real gold in terms of statistics, e.g.:

Benchmarking Jive Communities 2016 - Content and Planning

However, the reason why I recommend the SoCM report (and this variant specifically) to all my customers is that these results have been analysed by the experts at the Community Roundtable, summarised into easily consumable sections along with really solid recommendations, e.g.:

This version of the report has been sponsored by Jive, and includes an section on using the data and recommendations contributed by Jive’s own guru of analytics, Claire Flanagan:

Benchmarking Jive Communities 2016 - Using this Data

As Claire writes, the key is to take this report alongside the Community Roundtable’s 2017 survey, and to compare it your own community’s status. Community managers really have nothing to lose… You’ll end up with some clear areas in which to focus your action plan for the next 6-12 months.

This report is a tremendous resource for all Jive community managers and I highly recommend it. Kudos to Jive and the Community Roundtable for making it available on a complimentary basis.

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